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Ryan Rebold, Author » FaithWalk

Speaking at Churches

Written by Ryan Rebold. Posted in FaithWalk, Nothing But Faith in My Pocket

I had the opportunity to speak at Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church last Sunday Night and I had a blast. I have had several church members email me and share how they have been challenged to step out in faith but with obedience in mind. Hitting on three main points of obedience I share about testing ones faith in God, showing love to Christ through tithe and the importance of evangelism.

There has been some questions about what requirements or accommodations are needed for me to come out and speak. Just send an email with your churches information and if there is a specific date you would like. Everything else will work itself out. Thank you again for all of you that came out to hear me and look forward to the next opportunity.


Response to the book

Written by Ryan Rebold. Posted in FaithWalk, Nothing But Faith in My Pocket

The response I have received by new readers has been an overwhelming flood of love and support.  Some reading it twice in one week while others are anxious to share with their family and friends. Thank you all for your encouraging words and I hope that more will join the social network of surviving faith. If you have any questions about scheduling please feel free to contact me. Thank you again for your love and support, may God be praised.

National Release Date

Written by Ryan Rebold. Posted in FaithWalk, Nothing But Faith in My Pocket

My first blog is being written with full excitement. My book is now available to order and I am curiously waiting to hear the response from all the new readers. If you are looking to get your own copy you can either order the book for digital copy or paperback on this site or from Tate Publishing directly. For you to be able to see it in your local bookstores that will not be until November 15th. It will take a few months for national distribution so that should be on that date. Please join the social group so we can share all the adventures as well as our fears and struggles for living by faith. Thanks!

Schedule Ryan

Ryan would love to speak at your next church or group event. If you are interested, please click the link below, and Ryan will be back in touch with you soon!

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Upcoming Events

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